As we are a live broadcast station, phone calls are always very difficult.  Email is always

    To be a guest in our studio audience, send an email indicating which show you would
    like to see live in the subject line and if you have a date preference, indicate that in
    the email:

    To receive a periodic list of available guest spots, follow this link.

    If you have an upcoming event or if you would like to get on a show right way,
    To send graphics in for a show:         
    To contact Mike Briggs:                    
    To contact Jeff Schuler:                        
    To contact Chuck Leonard:                      
    To contact Mike Scott                              MikeScott@centralvalleytalk.comm   

    To contact Athena Matsikas           

    It is better to email than to call because we are always either in a live show or about
    to start a live show.  You may call our main line at 559-579-1360.